Forging Immortality Begins


I’m not sure how Forging Immortality will unfold, I have only planned the broad strokes at this point. It will basically be a trial run at the xianxia genre I’ve strayed into in the past. I intend it to start slow before it picks up speed but if it reads boring or I get paranoid I may change my mind. Regardless I am very happy with this initial intro to the main character…

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The Chosen Idea


I considered releasing the current progress of Hero in a weekly serial format. I didn’t write it to be released that way though and frankly I would rather release it all at once as a novel on amazon once its done and edited. It is neither.

So after digging through my current ideas, I made a choice. The following is the synopsis and current working title. It is a basic xianxia type story with a slower start to build a credible base for the MC’s future OPness…

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Unexpected Delays


Like the title says, I’ve had some unexpected delays. Mostly writer’s block if I’m being honest.

I’ve been feeling guilty to my few loyal fans remaining so I’ve come up with a plan. Basically I’m going to release at least one of the ideas floating around in my mind as a weekly serial again. I am still of the opinion I suck at writing serials because of my inner editor but I will ignore him to give you guys content. I’m thinking a mid week release would be best. That way I don’t have the excuse of the weekend just ended or the weekend is about to start.

This was more or less a pointless post but I figured one or two of you might care. Let’s see how it goes. I’m not going to aim at anything totally original in this new release, but I’ll try to keep it from being too generic too.



Beta Readers


I was looking at my phone when suddenly it hit me, you guys don’t know my plans. That should be obvious, but what it means specifically is that I have not contacted anyone who volunteered to beta read yet. In other words if you volunteered and didn’t hear from me that was normal, you didn’t get left out.

Why did I not contact anyone yet? Simply because I’m not ready for you guys at this point. If we get in touch now and I keep putting you guys off I look like a dick. So I chose to wait till I have something for you guys to read before I initiate contact. Hope that’s okay.

The current estimated timeline is mid August for a really rough draft. The changes I made to the basic idea are actually giving me trouble now. There are too many options, everything could get really complicated if I start info dumping up front. Plus if I do things right this concept could easily span several volumes in a near serial format. On the other hand if I do it wrong the idea will overload and fizzle into boring before volume one is finished.

I also keep waffling between first person and third limited view points. I prefer to read third, but I have an easier time thinking first. I’m not sure which I write better.


Update… Finally


I didn’t get much done this summer. Luckily the summer isn’t over yet and I’m finally working again. Hero has been given a major overhaul the last week and I’ve decided to go ahead and check if anyone feels like beta reading.

I’d like to have four to five people for the first round rough draft reading. It won’t really be ready for consumption at that point, but it will be ready for opinions and suggestions. Any takers? I need at least two differing opinions here, and I could go as high as ten if there was major interest.

Let me know by replying with a comment and a way to reach you. I don’t want the spam involved with the other way around. Thanks and have a good day.


– Steve –